CareSoft Pro

WaterCare’s CareSoft Pro Series® is an achievement in efficiency – the smartest generation of adjustable water conditioners specially engineered to serve today’s modern lifestyles. With advanced control technology, CareSoft Pro systems can be easily tailored to effectively meet your household’s specific needs for clean, soft water. Its highly advanced control technology even self-adjusts to changes in your water usage – so you’ll always have plenty of quality water whenever you need it.

  • Proven savings – ensures minimal operating costs of all other household water-using appliances
  • Advanced monitoring – tracks and self-adjusts to water usage patterns or changes
  • Programmable operation – matches system performance to your water conditions and needs
  • Environmentally efficient – minimizes water and salt consumption, minimizes your overall carbon footprint
  • Economically efficient – reduces soap needed to effectively wash dishes and clothes
  • Records operating history – easy to ensure efficient operation and service
  • Power backup – no clock to set

Ion Pro


WaterCare’s Ion Pro filters are engineered with the latest in “green technology.” No chemicals, no salt… just ordinary air and an innovative design that effectively removes iron and sulfur.
Advanced microprocessor controls are programmed to address specific water conditions. These “smart” systems continually monitor water usage and adjust to your household water consumption, ensuring a continuous supply of clean, iron and sulfur-free water.
It’s simply the perfect, environmentally friendly way to remove nuisance “ions,” the Ion Pro Series.

  • Field-proven design — eliminates the stains and smells caused by iron and sulfur
  • Environmentally friendly — no chemicals or salt needed, just air
  • Economical to own — requires less water than alternative filter systems
  • Low pressure drop — maintains consistent water flow throughout household
  • Records operating history – easy to ensure efficient operation and service
  • Power backup – no clock to set

Pulse EM

–this product is no longer listed on watercare’s site–

Pulse E.M. provides you with continuous soft water 24 hours a day with its unique twin-tank concept, using 100% of the resin of the tank in service before switching to the second tank for soft water with no regeneration downtime.

  • Features:
    Glass Filled Noryl Body
    Twin Tanks
    Teflon Coated Transfer Piston
    Large Capacity For 24-Hour Soft Water
    Durable, Reliable, Dependable
    Substantial Iron Reduction And Elimination Of Hard Water


–this product is no longer listed on watercare’s site–


  • Glass Filled Noryl Body
  • Timed Brine Refill
  • Self Cleaning


    • Dependability And Reliability At An Affordable Price
    • Customized To Your Needs
    • Substantial Iron Reduction And Elimination Of Hard Water



–this product is no longer listed on watercare’s site–

WaterCare’s TotalCare Series® is truly total care for your home’s water system. Designed for problem water, this series packs a multitude of features into just one unit. An exclusive zeolite crystal media acts to remove hardness, iron and manganese while reducing unwanted odors. It also raises low pH levels that can be corrosive to plumbing fixtures and piping. A patented, chlorine generator gets rid of nuisance iron and sulfur bacteria in the system which can create foul odors and clog pipes.

        • Patented self-chlorinating technology – removes iron and sulfur bacteria during regeneration
        • Unique media – eliminates unpleasant staining and odors
        • Advanced microprocessing – smart diagnostics and “low salt” warning ensure top performance
        • Efficient operation – provides the benefits of both a softener and filter with just one unit
        • Proven savings – reduces operating and maintenance cost of all household water-using appliances

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