ionproWaterCare’s Ion Pro filters are engineered with the latest in “green technology.” No chemicals, no salt… just ordinary air and an innovative design that effectively removes iron and sulfur.
Advanced microprocessor controls are programmed to address specific water conditions. These “smart” systems continually monitor water usage and adjust to your household water consumption, ensuring a continuous supply of clean, iron and sulfur-free water.
It’s simply the perfect, environmentally friendly way to remove nuisance “ions,” the Ion Pro Series.

  • Field-proven design — eliminates the stains and smells caused by iron and sulfur
  • Environmentally friendly — no chemicals or salt needed, just air
  • Economical to own — requires less water than alternative filter systems
  • Low pressure drop — maintains consistent water flow throughout household
  • Records operating history – easy to ensure efficient operation and service
  • Power backup – no clock to set

February 23, 2016